What are Postage Meters And Their Advantages

Having a postage meter to post the mail for your business and getting it ready beforehand can save you not only time, effort but also a lot of money.

Using a postage meter means that you always affix the accurate amount of postage on the letters and mails that you send out.

A postage meter is capable of stamping your envelopes with the right denomination of the postage required. No more licking and sticking envelopes and stamps manually. Even more, today’s electronic mail machines do not require you to stand in line at the post office to get the meter reset. This can easily be done online. Electronic postage meters can be rented, leased or bought from a mailing equipment manufacturer.

Electronic postage meters consists of a base machine for which letters can be fed for stamping. Apart from the mechanism that prints the stamps on envelopes, the postage meter also has a meter which must be leased from the U.S. Postal Service approved mailing equipment manufacture.

Federal regulations prohibit the ownership of the actual meter as it is strictly controlled by the U.S. Postal Service. The speed of different postage meter and a degree of automation depends from one model to another. The more feature that a postage meter has the more expensive it is going to be to buy, rent or lease.

The most common variations of postage meters are dependent upon how the letters are fed into the machine. The basic postage meters are manual models that require you to feed letters one by one through a roller. More expensive models will offer semiautomatic or fully automatic letter feeding. You will also find options available for the base machine which include stackers, which stacks you, and sealers which automatically wets and seals each envelope as it passes through the base

Another helpful addition to the postage meter is an accurate digital scale to weigh your mail accurately. It is a fact that even the smallest of businesses can hope to save money by accurately weighing their posts and printing out a stamp it that covers the exact amount required. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that accurate weighing can save customers up to 20% on their mailing expense.

Stamp meters, digital weighing scales and automated mailing machines can save hours of manual labor and are especially useful if you’re business handles direct mail and large mailings. Apart from sending out promotional letters and brochures as well as bills and invoice, a majority of businesses at some point of time also have to ship out the product that has been bought by the customer. This is even more true for business shipping out-of-state or ones that incorporate an online store.

If you can sort your mail before it hits the post office, the handling steps that a post office undertakes to send the mail on his way is reduced by 24 hours or more.

If you incorporate a full mailing system in your office, you will have the option of choosing an advanced and digital billing system that is capable of handling everything from printing folding, stapling, inserting, sealing, labelling, weighing and stamping to sorting, stacking and putting on a wrapper or binder on your mail. Mailing machines can also be connected to your computer which makes it all the more easier for you to process the task and track your orders. Some computer-based programs are designed to simultaneously handle different sizes of paper, checks, invoices, brochures without requiring stopping or reseting the main machine.

The most popular mailing equipment combines meters with electronic scales. However, this kind of equipment can be expensive. Other kinds of automation in a mailing machine is also sought after such as automatic feeding and envelope sealing.

The price of the mailing machine will also depend upon other features such as the speed at which a the machine works. The envelope and mail processing speed can range from 50 to 300 letters per minute. The faster the machine is, the more expensive it is going to be.

Advantages/Benefits of using metered mail machines

The most popular mailing machines are those that have the maximum automated functions. These automated machines combined a lot of mail processes into one streamlined processes such as digitally weighing the mail, fixing the right postage stamp, automatically feeding and printing envelopes and processing mail at a fast speed. These automated mailing machines can be connected to the telephone and a computer to further enhance their capability.


Postage meter

Some of the benefits and advantages of using a automatic metered mail machine for your business are:

Postal accounting

These main machines can keep track of how much you spend in sending out mail. Since the metered mail machine is pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, you can keep track of how much you spend as well as how much you spend on specific categories of names such as letters, parcels, Priority and Express mail.

At any given point of time you know exactly how much money is left in the postage meter and when he you need to recharge. Presenting you with a combined and consolidated statement, you know exactly how much business is spending on sending out mail every month.

Expediting normal mail

Under the US postal office rules, first-class letters and packages that are metered and stamped are required by the post office to be expedited on the dates that they are received. This ensures that you get a better service on a less-expensive classes of mail without having to pay extra for more in high-end mail service.

Postmark advertisement

Postage meters are not only capable of printing stamps remain but they can print company logos, advertising message which gives your business extra marketing mileage and exposure.

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