Benfits Of U.S. Postal Service Website To Send Business Mail –

Using the website for U.S. Postal Service at, is an excellent alternative to visiting the post office manually.

There are a lot of services and features including tools that are available on the website.

You’ll find several helpful and money-saving services which includes the popular shipping assistant software that can be downloaded to your computer.

This is an easy to use desktop application that puts all the UPS online tools on your computer so you can quickly access shipping information, rate calculation, delivery information as well as print out shipping labels and postage. You can even create an online address book.

Us postal service

You are able to look up zip codes for addresses by clicking Zip Code icon on the home page. You can keep a track on the progress of your package by using the websites track and confirm feature.

Calculate the rate by using the rate calculator and find the most cost-effective method of shipping letters and packages.

All you need to know is the article’s weight the zip code of the origin and the destination. You’ll get the various rates for shipping it by various methods available with the USPS.

You can order mail supplies straight to your business. Click on business center and then order supplies to order, express or priority mail envelopes, labels, boxes and tags. You will need to register your business information to do this.

You can even print out postage online by going to the USPS Click and Ship or you could use another authorized provider such as

You can even order stamps at with your credit card although there will be a shipping and handling charge involved. Click buy stamps and shop to reach the postal store.