Using Prepaid Legal Services For Your Small Business

Using a Prepaid Legal Service can cut down the cost of getting legal guidance and help for a small business tremendously.

Something that has caught on in popularity in the recent times is prepaid legal services. Prepaid legal services help a business combat the rising legal costs and helps the business get certain basic and preliminary legal service from a reputed and respected source without having to pay the earth for it.

Prepaid legal services are not limited to providing basic legal support but also extend 2 extensive legal guidance and solutions. Prepaid legal services are about charging a fixed monthly fee and offering a package of services such as say Unlimited phone consultation, review of 5 contracts per month, up to 10 get collection letters per month and discount on other legal services.

A prepaid legal service can cost as little as $15 a month to $200 or more.

It has been established by a few experts that many and in fact most of the legal problems faced by small businesses can be resolved with a single telephone call. This is where a prepaid legal service comes in handy as it allows phone consultation with a respected law firm which otherwise might have been out of the businesses budget.

The way a prepaid legal service works is that they usually have a contract with one law firm in each state to handle routine matters. In this way the prepaid legal service is one of the law firm’s biggest clients. When you call up the law firm as a subscriber to the prepaid legal service you get a better reception and more attention than you otherwise could have hoped for when speaking directly with the law firm itself. This is an obvious advantage of dealing with the prepaid legal service. Not only are you better received and given more attention but you also get to consult with the specialists at considerably reduced rates.

Here are some of the points to keep in mind when considering using a prepaid legal service for your business.

What kind of package are being offered? Since prepaid legal services charge a fixed monthly amount and deliver a packet Stevie, make sure that the package includes the kind of services that you require for your business.: Since the service in the package may be limited, ask about the charges for others extended services as well.

Would you prefer to build a relationship with one lawyer and attorney who understands your business goals and future growth prospects and is available for consultation on a more one-to-one basis as opposed to having to talk to a different lawyer every time you call.

Consider the quality of work that you might receive from a prepaid legal service. You should try and get a reference from other entrepreneurs who have used so services and maybe even get a recommendation. Asked how the company would handle a conflict of interest in case you have a dispute against the business who also uses the same prepaid legal from.

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