How To Use Mail Tabbers and Labelers To Send Business Mail

Mail tabbers

Mail Tabbers

Mail tabbers are an economical option and alternative to envelope folding machines. They allow you to save time by sealing mass mailings such as newsletters and brochures by attaching a small adhesive tab or a wafer seal on the sheets to be folded. Instead of envelope inserting machine to put the letters in an envelope and then sealing in, a mail tabber can fold sheets of paper and secur

ely shut it in a much simpler manner. An affordably priced mail tabbing machine comes for round $3000 and can work at the speed of 4500 letters per hour. Mail tabbers are USPS compliant which helps in posting bulk documents. Mail tabbers travelers are either desktop or standalone units. Mail tabbers can be used in combination with mail labelers which saves you yet another step in the mailing process.

Mail Labelers

Mail labelers are able to quickly fix labels with the use of a hand-held dispenser, the desktop model or heavy duty floor model depending on the need for speed and use of other attachments such as tabber, letter folder or inserter.

They can attach labels to many different kinds of mail including postcards, and letters, catalogs, brochures, sales flyers and other marketing pieces. Additional features may include the option to use folded label sheets which holds approximately 30 labels per page or continuous feed single label rolls, counters and different label sizes. When using a handheld labeler, the speed will vary depending upon the individual using the device. Automated labelers are capable of labeling as many as 15,000 letters per hour.

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