How To Setup A Mailing System For a Business

setting up a mailing system

Some sort of a malling system is required by a lot of businesses. In fact the mailing system can form the backbone of your business if the nature of your business requires that you send out a lot of postal mail.

Today more and more businesses have resorted to using e-mail and other digital form of publication over physical postal mail. However, digital mail does not always meet the requirements there is there is no option for sending business mail through post.

This section will cover the most efficient and economical ways to send postal mail for your business which will include all yours mailing needs from postage meters, sorting, letter opening machines, envelope sealers, digital weighing scales, stackers, label printers etc.

Buying Mailing equipment

It can come as quite a surprise as to the amount of effort, time and personnel it requires to send out just a few postal mail. The post that a business sends usually includes brochures and promotional offers to consumers, invoices and bills to both consumers and suppliers, any other form of communication that requires physical delivery and receipt.

Using equipment such as postage meters and automated machines that open letters and see letters can save you a lot of time and effort so that you can spend that valuable resource on more important aspects of the business, such as actually running it and making it grow.

Mailing equipment comes in a variety of shapes and forms. You have postage meters, weighing scales, letter openers, stackers, letter sealing machines etc. Basically, all the functions that you can think of performing in order to send the mail along its merry way can be performed by mailing machines.

What you buy and how much it costs will really depend on the kind of setup you want. You can have an intensive mailing need where you could use a fully automated process. A fully automated process will all the of the above i.e. postage meters, weighing scales, letter openers, letter sealers, printers, binders, wrappers etc. Now these are not all different pieces of equipment. If the need for your business is heavy on the postal mail that you send, you can buy an automated mailing machine that does almost all of the above functions. Fully automated mailing machines are expensive. There is always an option to buy, lease or rent these machines.

There are plenty of options for small businesses also. Postage meters and letter openers and sealers come in all sizes. A basic postal meter that requires the letters to be fed in manually can be ideal and still save the business a lot of time and money.

Another small but crucial part of mailing equipment is the digital weighing scale. If your postal meter does not already have it or you send out bigger parcels than can be handled by a postal meter, you will benefit a great deal by using the digital scale to weigh your parcels and mail accurately and affixing just the right amount of postage there.

The mailing equipment that you need for your business will depend on your business needs. Try to get a good idea of how much you are spending on business mails and how you can save by using automated mailing equipment. Using mailing equipment is not all about saving money for also about saving time and effort. When it comes to running a business, time is money and the more time you can devote to your business to grow, the more profitable it is going to be.

Should You Buy, Rent Or Lease Mailing Equipment

All the mailing equipment that we have mentioned in the post before can either be leased, rented or bought. The more advanced and automated machinery that you choose, the more expensive it is going to be.

However, renting is the easiest and cheapest method. Buying the machine outright might require a heavy investment in this sector which might hinder cash flow requirements of your business. You may even prefer to lease the mailing equipment to conserve working capital.

Although renting is the easiest and cheapest as it allows you to get out of the contract and any point of time, leasing the mail machinery may be the cheapest.

When you rent the mailing equipment you can stop renting at any point of time if the arrangement is not suiting you or the job in hand was a temporary one. While leasing the mailing equipment will give you lower rates than renting, you’re obligated to make all the payment specified in the lease. Leasing might be the right choice if you are going to need to upgrade your mailing equipment after some time.

In case you have leased some mailing equipment and realize that it is not up to your requirement or is too sophisticated, some suppliers will purchase the competitors lease and give you their own equipment in exchange

Shop around carefully and see if there are any promotions available before you sign. Basic mailing machines can be leased from $25-$35 per month whereas more automated ones may come from $60-$100 per month. Anything above $60 per month is usually reserved and suited for larger corporations. The average lease is for 3 to 5 years and can include maintenance and free postage refills. The average rental agreement is for one year.

If you are renting the mailing equipment carefully go over the contract to see that there is no mention of the word lease in the contract. If you are leasing out the mailing equipment ask what your options are in case you need to get out of the lease.

Make sure that the business you are renting the mailing equipment from is authorized with the U.S. Postal Service.

If you are a little doubtful about your requirement and what kind of mailing equipment your business needs, it is good to work with a knowledgeable salesperson. 

A good salesperson should be knowledgeable about the equipment and the latest US Postal Service regulations and rates. They should also ask you questions and evaluate your business need carefully. Usually the kind of questions that mailing equipment salesperson needs to ask is regarding how many boxes, parcels, letters and the frequency with which you ship.

Allowing the salesperson to take his time in evaluating your business need and going through his sales pitch may mean that you and end up with the right kind of mailing equipment that your business requires.

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