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How To Protect Business Trademarks Copyrights And Patents

Filing for Business Patent, Copyright and Trademark Registration Just like you protect the tangible property of your business with the security system, you need to protect the intellectual property of your business as well. The intellectual property of the business is usually about the trademarks, product design, business idea, packaging design etc. You need the […]

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Protecting Business Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are important and critical information about your business that people working for you: might have access to. They are most likely going to be some employees in the company who are trusted with having access do the kind of information that is pertinent and critical to the functioning of your business such as […]

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Protecting Business Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks

Once you have followed the detailed protocols to protect intellectual property and have filed in the necessary paperwork for your trademark registration, Dayton’s and copyrights you need to monitor the market and ensure that nobody else’s infringing on your registered trademarks. You need to monitor the marketplace for knockoffs and copies of your product as […]

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Filing for Copyright Protection

Copyrights are a fairly simple process when it comes to intellectual property rights. A copy of protection is easier to get as compared to the patent registration. In a copyright protection is usually reserved for works of creativity such as a book, graphic design, photographs, drawings, website etc. In fact, a creative work comes under […]

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Filing for A Business Product or Process Patent

Registering Patent Rights for Business Product or Process. You can register a patent for your business product if you have created something new. Patents are reserved for a product that is a novel, new product or has been brought about with a substantial change in an existing product concept. A patent can be filed for […]

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Registering a Business Name Trademark

One of the 1st issues that you’re going to face with intellectual property protection for your business is likely to be about your business name and trademark. Since you need to decide the name of the business as well as the logo and signage before you start the business, you will need to address the […]

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