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Sample Partnership Agreement

This is a sample for a partnership agreement only. Any partnership agreement should only be made with the consultation and professional with a legal attorney. Such professional advice should be sought before agreeing to or signing on a partnership agreement as well. Sample Partnership Agreement Date:____________ Commences:___________ Expires:____________ Location:____________ This partnership agreement is made on […]

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7 Important Points For a Partnership Agreement

If you decide to form your business as a partnership, you will need to draft a partnership agreement that gives out the details of how the business responsibility, decisions and day-to-day running is going to be handled and distributed amongst the partners. A very common partnership set up is when 2 to 3 people set […]

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Setting Up A Partnership Business

If your business is going to be jointly owned and operated by more than one individual, setting up a partnership may be the right legal structure for you to follow. There are mainly 2 kinds of partnership, limited partnership and general partnership. In a general partnership, all the partners usually hold equal claim to the […]

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