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How to Write a Business Mission Statement

Create an effective mission statement for your business by following these steps: Remember, a mission statement can be just a few lines or it can be an entire page. These are some questions that you should ask in order to get a picture of your businesses goals and mission and put them down in words. […]

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What is a Business Mission Statement

Understanding Business Mission Statement, what it says about your business. The next step after creating a niche is possibly creating a mission statement for the business. A mission statement is able to list in a short and compact form the goals of your business. It gives a complete idea of the very essence of your […]

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7 Straight Steps In Defining A Niche For Your Business

Creating a niche is not some big mystery. Systematic and step by step approach can help you do this effectively. Meaning of creating a niche for your business is narrowing down your market to serve a more specific consumer need. This allow to you to target a specific category of consumer who is looking for […]

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6 Effective Ways Of Choosing Target Market

What is customer targeting, importance of defining a market. Gone are the days when thinking that you thought that creating a business product for 18-30 year olds was using a targeting approach. Today the market is mucus more specific. There are categorization based on ethnicity, demographics, community, childhood experience and none of them is removed […]

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