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Advantage Of Accepting Debit Card Payments

If you have a merchant account for your business and already accept credit cards, then you don’t have to do anything much to accept the debit cards as well. The same terminal and machine that you use to swipe a credit card can be used for debit cards as well. Debit cards are popular methods […]

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How To Accept Online Payments For Sales

If you sell your products online through a shopping cart or an online store, you will need a merchant account with a bank to be able to accept credit card payments. Other options to accept payments online on the website also include internet banking. If you intend using your independent merchant account to process such […]

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How To Accept Checks For Payments And Avoid Bad Cheques

How to Safe Guard Your Business Against The Risks Of Accepting Checks As Payment Accepting checks for payment can be tedious process. Checks that are not good and bounce can be a blow to the profit for the business. However, the business does need to accept checks especially when dealing with other businesses and suppliers. […]

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How to Shape a Good Credit and Payment Policy

To determine what kind of a payment and credit policy you want to establish for your business, start by taking a look at your competition. Whether you like it or not, you might have to match the terms that your competition offers so that they do not have an advantage over you. However, sometimes when […]

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