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How To Use Mail Tabbers and Labelers To Send Business Mail

Mail Tabbers Mail tabbers are an economical option and alternative to envelope folding machines. They allow you to save time by sealing mass mailings such as newsletters and brochures by attaching a small adhesive tab or a wafer seal on the sheets to be folded. Instead of envelope inserting machine to put the letters in […]

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How To Use Letter Folding Machines To Send Mail

  Letter folding machines for folding brochures, direct mail, letters, promotional mail. One of the jobs that you might want to automate when it comes to posting a lot of mail is letter folding. If you are in the business of sending out a lot of promotional mail or newsletters, you might have hundreds of […]

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How To Use Postal Weighing Scales For Sending Mail

How Using Postal Mail Can Save Money On Sending Business Mail. Apart from the postage meters, the second most important part of your mailing equipment is probably the postal scale. Postal scales come in the denomination of 5, 10, 30, 100, 200 and 250 pound capacities. These scales can either be a standalone or come […]

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What are Postage Meters And Their Advantages

Having a postage meter to post the mail for your business and getting it ready beforehand can save you not only time, effort but also a lot of money. Using a postage meter means that you always affix the accurate amount of postage on the letters and mails that you send out. A postage meter […]

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How To Setup A Mailing System For a Business

Some sort of a malling system is required by a lot of businesses. In fact the mailing system can form the backbone of your business if the nature of your business requires that you send out a lot of postal mail. Today more and more businesses have resorted to using e-mail and other digital form […]

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