Setting up a Business at Home

As already mentioned, starting a business from home has become a fashionable trend. It is a good way to keep the cost of the business start up low. You can consider setting up your business at home because it comes with several advantages.

Choosing your home as a location to start a business makes sense because you will automatically save money on business leases, utility bills, commuting costs and even your wardrobe expense. You may be able to get a tax deduction equal to the percentage of your home that is used for business. However, the 1st thing to take note of is whether or not the kind of business you intend to start is allowed according to the zoning regulations of your locality. The 2nd thing 2 consider is whether you can actually run normal business operation from home. For example, will you be able to pull off a professional image and creating a favorable impression on your clients by meeting them at home. Apart from that there are distractions to think about. Being at home, might mean that you are constantly distracted by presence of children, dropping in of friends and family etc.

However, these setbacks can easily be taken care of by a little bit of discipline, organization and planning. 1st of all, try and set up your business at home in a separate part of the house which would be a separate room or a separate wing.

Furnish your office professionally so that you feel like it is your business space and is geared for doing business activities. Install separate phone connections and use proper office furniture that makes it more conducive for performing business functions such as printing, faxing and making business calls. Maintain regular business hours and make sure that your friends, family and everybody concerned is aware of the fact that this is your work time are not to be disturbed casually. As far as your clients are concerned, you can arrange to meet them outside if you feel that your home office isn’t suitable for the purpose and does not reflect a professional enough image.

At the end of the day, organize and plan the running of a business even if you’re doing it from home.

Once again, most importantly, make sure that your municipality doesn’t have any zoning ordinances that prohibit your kind of business to operate from home. Many localities and communities do not allow certain type of businesses to operate specially those that generate a lot of traffic or have employees working on-site. Make sure you get up-to-date with these rules and regulations before you open the office at home. You might even need to get commercial utility connections such as electricity and water if you are running a sizable business from your home location with other employees working as well.

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