Protecting Business Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks

Once you have followed the detailed protocols to protect intellectual property and have filed in the necessary paperwork for your trademark registration, Dayton’s and copyrights you need to monitor the market and ensure that nobody else’s infringing on your registered trademarks. You need to monitor the marketplace for knockoffs and copies of your product as well as infringement on your business trademark, product design etc.

In order to enforce your right you can begin by sending an attorney’s letter of warning to the infringer. If the infringer does not desist you might have to file a lawsuit in the quote.

Courts are often willing to issue a cease-and-desist order and even assess damages if the case for copyright violation is clear and cut. If there is a genuine confusion over the copyright issue, resolving such matters may take time. Which brings us once again to the importance of filing the necessary documentation and paperwork for existing trademark, patent and copyright. Having documented proof of your intellectual property speeds up the process of discouraging infringers and resolving lawsuits tremendously.

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