Filing for Copyright Protection

Copyrights are a fairly simple process when it comes to intellectual property rights. A copy of protection is easier to get as compared to the patent registration.

In a copyright protection is usually reserved for works of creativity such as a book, graphic design, photographs, drawings, website etc. In fact, a creative work comes under copyright protection the minute it takes a fixed form. The meaning of fixed on is that it takes a physical shape such as the words on a page or website or a photograph that has been clicked rather than just an idea in the mind of a person. Creativity and originality is essential for copyright protection. Copyright protection gives the owner of the creative property the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform or display the work or authorize others to do so. You can simply copyright your work by mailing to nonreturnable copies of the work with an application form and a $30 fee to the federal copyright office. Registration establishes a public record of the copyright claim. It also enables a person to filed a copyright infringement suit.

When starting a business you need to understand a few things very clearly about copyright laws. Just because you hire a person to do a certain creative work for you such as design your logo or take a few photographs, you automatically do not get the copyright to the creative product. Even though you have commissioned the taking of the photographs and the designing of the local, the creative end product might still belong to the person creating it unless otherwise stated in the contract so when you hire somebody to do some creative service for you, make sure that the work belongs to you if you intend to use it for a business in the future.

The exception to this rule is work for hire which is created by employees in the course of their jobs. In this case the copyright belongs to the employer unless the contract states otherwise. Once again, if you deal with independent contractors you need to specify that the work is for hire and the copyright belongs to.

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