Example of Negotiation Points In A Sales Contract

This is an example of the possible negotiating points in a sample sales contract.

Negotiation is not only about bargaining on the price of goods. Here is an example of some non-cash points that you can negotiate over.

  1. The number of goods to be sold.
  2. The condition of the goods at the time of delivery.
  3. Return privileges and credit for goods delivered and effective condition.
  4. Rebates for goods that aren’t sold within a specified period of time.
  5. Shipping and delivery dates.
  6. Date and duration of shipping.
  7. Method of shipping.
  8. Method of payment, money order, credit card, demand draft etc.
  9. Currency payment, for international sales.
  10. Bulk discounts/volume discounts.
  11. The timing and installment payment.
  12. Interest rate to be paid on any deferred portion of the purchase price.
  13. Penalty interest rate for delayed payment.
  14. Whether the seller will have a lien on the goods till the purchase price is paid.
  15. Whether the seller or buyer will pay sales tax or transfer tax.
  16. Whether the seller or buyer will insure goods during transit.
  17. When will the title of goods be transferred from seller to buyer after sale.
  18. Whether the seller will assume responsibility for the products.
  19. Liability and other legal claims of the goods not to be defective.
  20. Whether the seller will provide the buyer with advertising and promotional material to assist in marketing and sales.
  21. If a broker is involved, who will pay his/her commission?

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