How To Design A Great Business Card

how to design a business card

Business cards are perhaps the commonest way of exchanging business information. Almost all businesses have a business card. But as you must have noticed, there is a huge difference in the design and quality of business cards. Some people pay more attention to what their business cards series about the business than others. We want to emphasise the importance of a good business card that is cleverly designed and speaks clearly about your business.

The idea of the business card is not just to communicate information about your business in the most basic manner but to also reflect the nature, quality and image of your business.

Since a business card is small in size, expressing all this in a limited space takes a bit of thinking and creativity.

Once you have decided upon your business logo, it is of course going to be an important part of your business card design and element.

It is commonly believed by experts and even us that a business card creates a primary impressions of a business on the consumer.

What your business card says is equally important to the rest of the elements that you put in to designing the image and look of your business.

Just in the manner that you present yourself by dressing up in a certain way and taking care of your grooming and look, a business card represents the same identity for your business.

Once again, as was the case when designing a business logo, going to a professional to design a business card is recommended unless you have a clear and concise idea of what you want your business card to look like.

Even then, you might not be aware of the various options that are available to you in order to create a business card that is just right. For example, there is a lot of options when it comes to choosing the colors, paper type, fonts and even the kind of painting look that you want on a business card. For example, you can either simply print the information on your business card or you can have it embossed.

If you do intend to start out with the basic idea of a business card yourself, you should use your common sense and keep the overall image and integrity of the business in mind.

For example, if your business is up for creative artist, you can use a lot of freedom in the design and the colors you use. On the other hand, if you run a financial consulting service, you probably want your business card to be austere, plain, classy and printed on rich people. You probably also want to use businesslike printing colors such as gray and black or a navy blue.

In order to get started it is fairly simple to come across various business card design ideas on the Internet. In fact you can use the existing business card templates in the software that you already have on your computer such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can also visit a printing press who prints business card and he will be able to show you many examples of the work that he has already done. If you see something that you exactly want or with a few minor changes, you could be able to side sweep the entire cost of working with the business card designer.

When designing a business card yourself, keep the following things in mind.

  • Remember that the business logo forms a primary and elemental part of the business card.
  • Keep it simple and to not try to cram too much information on your business card.
  • It should be easy to read, not cluttered and have clean and clear information.
  • Include all pertinent and essential information about your business such as name, business name, personal name, title, address, phone and fax number, e-mail address and website address. These are usually sufficient information to put on a business card.
  • The rest of the impression is created by the designing of the card, colors used, business logo as well as things like the shape of the card and the quality of the paper used.

9 Tips For Designing A Great Business Card

how to design a great business card

These are some of the common options, tips and tricks you can use to design a business card.

  1. Use a four-inch by 7 inch card that looks like a mini brochure. Not only does this allow you to include more information but also get creative with the cards designed by including other elements such as photographs. 

  2. You can also consider the pre-punched business card to fit in a Rolex if your business relies on a lot of phone contact.
  3. You may try out a business card that is shaped differently than a traditional business card. Although these can be more expensive to make, they might have in adequately and clearly reflecting the nature of the business. For example, the kids party planners business card shaped like a balloon or a birthday cake.
  4. Consider your options when it comes to using the kind of paper. 
    There are more options available now than they were sometime back. 
    Everything from textured paper to handmade paper can make a difference to the look of your card. Also, the thickness, and the color of the paper make a huge difference to the overall look and impression of your business card. 
    However, be very careful when choosing colored paper because it can affect the look and impression of the business card drastically. When using colored paper instead of the lighter colored papers such as white and cream, ensure that the readability of the business card is not compromised.
  5. Experiment with different kind of printing. There are techniques such as thermography which creates raised, shiny print and add interest to a business card. Different kinds of rendering of information on the business cards such as embossing and engraving is also possible which creates a very different patient impression.
  6. Do not get too enthusiastic and use a myriad of colors on a business card. Try to keep it simple and stick to 2 to 3 colors maximum.
  7. Always give people more than one business card so they always have extra ones to give to others.
  8. Attach and include your business card in all business correspondence.
  9. When carrying a business card do so in a convenient and smart business card holder so that they are always neat and clean.

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