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Small Business Idea – Furniture Repair

Start a Small Business in Furniture Repair Description of Job • Repair broken pieces of furniture. • Make minor fixes to torn upholstery. The Need and Demand for this Business Things break, and upholstery tears, but a major piece of furniture, a valued heir- loom, or merely a favorite couch may be worth repairing to […]

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Small Business Idea – Furniture Stripping

How to Get Started with a Furniture Stripping Business Description of Job • Clean valuable old furniture. • Use chemicals to strip furniture of one or more old coats of paint, varnish, or other finishes. • Prepare furniture for application of new finish. The Need and Demand for this Business Family heirlooms, an old favorite […]

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Small Business Idea – Speciality Indoor Painting

How to Start a Small Business in Specialty Indoor Painting Description of Job • Design and specify specialty interior painting.• Apply special effects. • Finish and clean up interior work. The Need and Demand For This Business There is no law that says interior walls need to be coated with flat, boring eggshell paint. An […]

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Small Business Idea – Wallpaper Hanger

Start a Small Business As a Wallpaper Hanger Description of Job • Consult with homeowners on wallpaper projects. • Measure walls and order paper. • Hang wallpaper and special treatments, including trim and borders. The Need and Demand For This Business Wallpaper is an attractive way to decorate a home, but most homeowners lack the […]

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Small Business Idea – Upholstery and Slipcover Maker

Start a Small Business as an Upholstery and Slipcover Maker Description of Job • Reupholster sofas, chairs, ottomans, and pillows.• Make slipcovers for upholstered furniture. • Recover pillows. • Design and create custom draperies. The Need and Demand for this Business Furniture is big, bulky, and expensive . . . and sometimes it gets cut, […]

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Small Business Idea – Interior Decorating

How To Start a Business as an Interior Decorator Description of Job • Draw plans to decorate a client’s home or office with attention to style, quality, and budget. • Meet with designers, contractors, and suppliers to draw up specifications. • Oversee purchases, renovations, and installation. The Need and Demand For an Interior Decorator Somewhere […]

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Small Business Idea – Rug Cleaning Service

How to Start a Small Business As A Rug Cleaner Description of Job • Clean carpets using professional equipment. • Use specialized tools and chemicals for expert attention to problematic stains. The Need and Demand for A Rug Cleaning Service Even with frequent vacuuming, rugs and carpets get dirty. If you have children and pets, […]

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Small Business Idea – House Cleaning Business

How to Start a Housecleaning Cleaning Small Business Description of Job • Clean, vacuum, and neaten homes or apartments. • Carry out other services as requested by the client. • Perform turnover cleaning of rental properties. The Need and Demand For Housecleaning Services Most of us, unless we live in a hotel (or in a […]

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Small Business Idea – Low Voltage Outdoor Electrical Wiring Installations

How To Start A Business Doing Low-Voltage Outdoor Electrical Wiring Installation. Description of Job • Install low-voltage landscaping and driveway lighting. • Install specialized low-voltage illuminated street numbers, poolside light- ing, and deck lighting. The Need Nighttime lighting can serve security, safety, and decorative interests. Many homeowners like to show off their landscaping by night […]

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