Benfits Of U.S. Postal Service Website To Send Business Mail –

Using the website for U.S. Postal Service at, is an excellent alternative to visiting the post office manually.

There are a lot of services and features including tools that are available on the website.

You’ll find several helpful and money-saving services which includes the popular shipping assistant software that can be downloaded to your computer.

This is an easy to use desktop application that puts all the UPS online tools on your computer so you can quickly access shipping information, rate calculation, delivery information as well as print out shipping labels and postage. You can even create an online address book.

Us postal service

You are able to look up zip codes for addresses by clicking Zip Code icon on the home page. You can keep a track on the progress of your package by using the websites track and confirm feature.

Calculate the rate by using the rate calculator and find the most cost-effective method of shipping letters and packages.

All you need to know is the article’s weight the zip code of the origin and the destination. You’ll get the various rates for shipping it by various methods available with the USPS.

You can order mail supplies straight to your business. Click on business center and then order supplies to order, express or priority mail envelopes, labels, boxes and tags. You will need to register your business information to do this.

You can even print out postage online by going to the USPS Click and Ship or you could use another authorized provider such as

You can even order stamps at with your credit card although there will be a shipping and handling charge involved. Click buy stamps and shop to reach the postal store.

How To Use Mail Tabbers and Labelers To Send Business Mail

Mail tabbers

Mail Tabbers

Mail tabbers are an economical option and alternative to envelope folding machines. They allow you to save time by sealing mass mailings such as newsletters and brochures by attaching a small adhesive tab or a wafer seal on the sheets to be folded. Instead of envelope inserting machine to put the letters in an envelope and then sealing in, a mail tabber can fold sheets of paper and secur

ely shut it in a much simpler manner. An affordably priced mail tabbing machine comes for round $3000 and can work at the speed of 4500 letters per hour. Mail tabbers are USPS compliant which helps in posting bulk documents. Mail tabbers travelers are either desktop or standalone units. Mail tabbers can be used in combination with mail labelers which saves you yet another step in the mailing process.

Mail Labelers

Mail labelers are able to quickly fix labels with the use of a hand-held dispenser, the desktop model or heavy duty floor model depending on the need for speed and use of other attachments such as tabber, letter folder or inserter.

They can attach labels to many different kinds of mail including postcards, and letters, catalogs, brochures, sales flyers and other marketing pieces. Additional features may include the option to use folded label sheets which holds approximately 30 labels per page or continuous feed single label rolls, counters and different label sizes. When using a handheld labeler, the speed will vary depending upon the individual using the device. Automated labelers are capable of labeling as many as 15,000 letters per hour.

How To Use Letter Folding Machines To Send Mail

Letter folding machines


Letter folding machines for folding brochures, direct mail, letters, promotional mail.

One of the jobs that you might want to automate when it comes to posting a lot of mail is letter folding. If you are in the business of sending out a lot of promotional mail or newsletters, you might have hundreds of thousands of letters and brochures to send. Letter folding can be automated with the help of letter folding machines.

Just like any other mailing equipment, letter folding machines also come in various sizes and capabilities. Low-end letter folding machines can process a few hundred letters per hour whereas high-end equipment is capable of operating at speeds from 1500 to 1800 sheets per. Another variation in the folding machine comes in the capability of doing different kinds of folds. Standard kind of folds are c-fold (standard letter), Z-fold, accordion fold, double fold , rightangle fold and brochures fold.

Most commonly the sheets are stacked and fed in to the letter folding machine through either a friction feeder or a vacuum feeder. Friction feeder uses rollers and the rubber wheels to pull the letters in just like a common printer does. Vacuum feeders on the other hand use air suction to pull a letter. The advantage of friction feeders is that it is relatively cheaper than a vacuum feeder folding machine. However, the rubber wheels and the rollers have a tendency to wear out with frequent use. Also, these machines can sometimes smudge the paper specially when it’s freshly printed. For handling glossy and coated paper, vacuum feeders are the best. The disadvantage of vacuum feeders is that this is mostly available on high-volume letter folding machines which tend to be expensive.

You may also want to buy a letter folding machine that has a batch counter or a totals counter. Not only will this help you keep count of how many letters and brochures you have folded but it also keeps the machine from folding too many sheets together.

Some machines come with a built in memory where you can store a certain permutation. The memory setting allows you to set the instructions for processing a particular job once and then call up the job and we need to apply the same permutation.

As is the case with the, printers, paper jams are a common problem with letter folding machines. Well-designed letter folding machines can give you manual access to the rollers easily to clear the jam, letting you resolve the problem yourself quickly and easily.

You may even want to consider a letter folding machine that also has a feature of inserting your documents into the envelopes.

When in the market to buy a little folding machine, ask the dealer the following questions.

  • How many letters can the letter folding machine process per hour?
  • Does the machine offer friction or vacuum feed?
  • What types of folds is a machine capable of doing?
  • How many sheets can be folded all at once?
  • Is the machine capable of handling stapled sheets?
  • What counter feeders are available?
  • What types and sizes of paper can the letter folding machine handle?
  • What is the maintenance required by the machine?
  • What maintenance is covered by the sales agreement?
  • Does the letter folding machine have an automatic feeder?
  • Does it have a built-in memory?
  • How does it resolve common problems like paper jams?

How To Use Postal Weighing Scales For Sending Mail

Postal weighing scales

How Using Postal Mail Can Save Money On Sending Business Mail.

Apart from the postage meters, the second most important part of your mailing equipment is probably the postal scale. Postal scales come in the denomination of 5, 10, 30, 100, 200 and 250 pound capacities. These scales can either be a standalone or come as a part of the postage meter.

You can buy a manual or a digital postage meter. This digital scale is more accurate because it gives exact reading of the weight of the letter or parcel. Manual scales still have to be read out by a human person and usually have an analogue scale with a needle that points to the amount of weight measured by it.

The whole point of using a weighing scale is to be able to fix the exact postage required to send the parcel or the letter. Electronic scales are more expensive but the accuracy that they represent and the money that they can save you by telling you the right value of postage required can offset the additional cost.

Digital scales meant for businesses usually have more functions associated with them than just weighing such as allowing you to compare rates between various carriers such as U.S. Postal Service and FedEx. They will also allow you to convert ZIP codes to correct zones for calculating zone dependent rates for carriers such as UPS.

When you are buying a digital postal meter, look for features and interface that you are most comfortable working with. Some models havekeyboards and user prompts. Consider the size of the machine and the maximum weight that machine can handle.

Depending upon the size of the package that you intend to send, you might have to buy a machine that can accommodate the size of parcel or package. You may even want a machine that allows you to enter the weight manually for the calculation for shipments that exceed the scales weighing capacity.

Even when you buy a standalone postal scales, some allow you to interface them with a postage meter. Depending on how you want to use the postal scale, choose the features according.

vintage postal scale

The following are some of the questions that you should ask the dealer before buying a postal weighing scale.

  1. What Adjustments are required to be made if the postage rates change?
  2. Does the scale offer alternative pricing options based on various coastal flood classification?
  3. Does the weighing scale have a password feature to protect it against unauthorized use?
  4. What size of parcel can the weighing scale take and what are the weight limitations?
  5. What maintenance does the machine required?
  6. What kind of maintenance is covered in the sales agreement?
  7. Does the scale offer the rates for international shipping?
  8. Does the weighing scale offer rates for popular shipping services like FedEx and UPS?

What are Postage Meters And Their Advantages

Having a postage meter to post the mail for your business and getting it ready beforehand can save you not only time, effort but also a lot of money.

Using a postage meter means that you always affix the accurate amount of postage on the letters and mails that you send out.

A postage meter is capable of stamping your envelopes with the right denomination of the postage required. No more licking and sticking envelopes and stamps manually. Even more, today’s electronic mail machines do not require you to stand in line at the post office to get the meter reset. This can easily be done online. Electronic postage meters can be rented, leased or bought from a mailing equipment manufacturer.

Electronic postage meters consists of a base machine for which letters can be fed for stamping. Apart from the mechanism that prints the stamps on envelopes, the postage meter also has a meter which must be leased from the U.S. Postal Service approved mailing equipment manufacture.

Federal regulations prohibit the ownership of the actual meter as it is strictly controlled by the U.S. Postal Service. The speed of different postage meter and a degree of automation depends from one model to another. The more feature that a postage meter has the more expensive it is going to be to buy, rent or lease.

The most common variations of postage meters are dependent upon how the letters are fed into the machine. The basic postage meters are manual models that require you to feed letters one by one through a roller. More expensive models will offer semiautomatic or fully automatic letter feeding. You will also find options available for the base machine which include stackers, which stacks you, and sealers which automatically wets and seals each envelope as it passes through the base

Another helpful addition to the postage meter is an accurate digital scale to weigh your mail accurately. It is a fact that even the smallest of businesses can hope to save money by accurately weighing their posts and printing out a stamp it that covers the exact amount required. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that accurate weighing can save customers up to 20% on their mailing expense.

Stamp meters, digital weighing scales and automated mailing machines can save hours of manual labor and are especially useful if you’re business handles direct mail and large mailings. Apart from sending out promotional letters and brochures as well as bills and invoice, a majority of businesses at some point of time also have to ship out the product that has been bought by the customer. This is even more true for business shipping out-of-state or ones that incorporate an online store.

If you can sort your mail before it hits the post office, the handling steps that a post office undertakes to send the mail on his way is reduced by 24 hours or more.

If you incorporate a full mailing system in your office, you will have the option of choosing an advanced and digital billing system that is capable of handling everything from printing folding, stapling, inserting, sealing, labelling, weighing and stamping to sorting, stacking and putting on a wrapper or binder on your mail. Mailing machines can also be connected to your computer which makes it all the more easier for you to process the task and track your orders. Some computer-based programs are designed to simultaneously handle different sizes of paper, checks, invoices, brochures without requiring stopping or reseting the main machine.

The most popular mailing equipment combines meters with electronic scales. However, this kind of equipment can be expensive. Other kinds of automation in a mailing machine is also sought after such as automatic feeding and envelope sealing.

The price of the mailing machine will also depend upon other features such as the speed at which a the machine works. The envelope and mail processing speed can range from 50 to 300 letters per minute. The faster the machine is, the more expensive it is going to be.

Advantages/Benefits of using metered mail machines

The most popular mailing machines are those that have the maximum automated functions. These automated machines combined a lot of mail processes into one streamlined processes such as digitally weighing the mail, fixing the right postage stamp, automatically feeding and printing envelopes and processing mail at a fast speed. These automated mailing machines can be connected to the telephone and a computer to further enhance their capability.


Postage meter

Some of the benefits and advantages of using a automatic metered mail machine for your business are:

Postal accounting

These main machines can keep track of how much you spend in sending out mail. Since the metered mail machine is pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, you can keep track of how much you spend as well as how much you spend on specific categories of names such as letters, parcels, Priority and Express mail.

At any given point of time you know exactly how much money is left in the postage meter and when he you need to recharge. Presenting you with a combined and consolidated statement, you know exactly how much business is spending on sending out mail every month.

Expediting normal mail

Under the US postal office rules, first-class letters and packages that are metered and stamped are required by the post office to be expedited on the dates that they are received. This ensures that you get a better service on a less-expensive classes of mail without having to pay extra for more in high-end mail service.

Postmark advertisement

Postage meters are not only capable of printing stamps remain but they can print company logos, advertising message which gives your business extra marketing mileage and exposure.

How To Setup A Mailing System For a Business

setting up a mailing system

Some sort of a malling system is required by a lot of businesses. In fact the mailing system can form the backbone of your business if the nature of your business requires that you send out a lot of postal mail.

Today more and more businesses have resorted to using e-mail and other digital form of publication over physical postal mail. However, digital mail does not always meet the requirements there is there is no option for sending business mail through post.

This section will cover the most efficient and economical ways to send postal mail for your business which will include all yours mailing needs from postage meters, sorting, letter opening machines, envelope sealers, digital weighing scales, stackers, label printers etc.

Buying Mailing equipment

It can come as quite a surprise as to the amount of effort, time and personnel it requires to send out just a few postal mail. The post that a business sends usually includes brochures and promotional offers to consumers, invoices and bills to both consumers and suppliers, any other form of communication that requires physical delivery and receipt.

Using equipment such as postage meters and automated machines that open letters and see letters can save you a lot of time and effort so that you can spend that valuable resource on more important aspects of the business, such as actually running it and making it grow.

Mailing equipment comes in a variety of shapes and forms. You have postage meters, weighing scales, letter openers, stackers, letter sealing machines etc. Basically, all the functions that you can think of performing in order to send the mail along its merry way can be performed by mailing machines.

What you buy and how much it costs will really depend on the kind of setup you want. You can have an intensive mailing need where you could use a fully automated process. A fully automated process will all the of the above i.e. postage meters, weighing scales, letter openers, letter sealers, printers, binders, wrappers etc. Now these are not all different pieces of equipment. If the need for your business is heavy on the postal mail that you send, you can buy an automated mailing machine that does almost all of the above functions. Fully automated mailing machines are expensive. There is always an option to buy, lease or rent these machines.

There are plenty of options for small businesses also. Postage meters and letter openers and sealers come in all sizes. A basic postal meter that requires the letters to be fed in manually can be ideal and still save the business a lot of time and money.

Another small but crucial part of mailing equipment is the digital weighing scale. If your postal meter does not already have it or you send out bigger parcels than can be handled by a postal meter, you will benefit a great deal by using the digital scale to weigh your parcels and mail accurately and affixing just the right amount of postage there.

The mailing equipment that you need for your business will depend on your business needs. Try to get a good idea of how much you are spending on business mails and how you can save by using automated mailing equipment. Using mailing equipment is not all about saving money for also about saving time and effort. When it comes to running a business, time is money and the more time you can devote to your business to grow, the more profitable it is going to be.

Should You Buy, Rent Or Lease Mailing Equipment

All the mailing equipment that we have mentioned in the post before can either be leased, rented or bought. The more advanced and automated machinery that you choose, the more expensive it is going to be.

However, renting is the easiest and cheapest method. Buying the machine outright might require a heavy investment in this sector which might hinder cash flow requirements of your business. You may even prefer to lease the mailing equipment to conserve working capital.

Although renting is the easiest and cheapest as it allows you to get out of the contract and any point of time, leasing the mail machinery may be the cheapest.

When you rent the mailing equipment you can stop renting at any point of time if the arrangement is not suiting you or the job in hand was a temporary one. While leasing the mailing equipment will give you lower rates than renting, you’re obligated to make all the payment specified in the lease. Leasing might be the right choice if you are going to need to upgrade your mailing equipment after some time.

In case you have leased some mailing equipment and realize that it is not up to your requirement or is too sophisticated, some suppliers will purchase the competitors lease and give you their own equipment in exchange

Shop around carefully and see if there are any promotions available before you sign. Basic mailing machines can be leased from $25-$35 per month whereas more automated ones may come from $60-$100 per month. Anything above $60 per month is usually reserved and suited for larger corporations. The average lease is for 3 to 5 years and can include maintenance and free postage refills. The average rental agreement is for one year.

If you are renting the mailing equipment carefully go over the contract to see that there is no mention of the word lease in the contract. If you are leasing out the mailing equipment ask what your options are in case you need to get out of the lease.

Make sure that the business you are renting the mailing equipment from is authorized with the U.S. Postal Service.

If you are a little doubtful about your requirement and what kind of mailing equipment your business needs, it is good to work with a knowledgeable salesperson. 

A good salesperson should be knowledgeable about the equipment and the latest US Postal Service regulations and rates. They should also ask you questions and evaluate your business need carefully. Usually the kind of questions that mailing equipment salesperson needs to ask is regarding how many boxes, parcels, letters and the frequency with which you ship.

Allowing the salesperson to take his time in evaluating your business need and going through his sales pitch may mean that you and end up with the right kind of mailing equipment that your business requires.

How To Design A Great Business Signage

how to make a business sign

Out of all the business image elements spoken about in this section, such as business stationery and business cards, creating and designing business signage is probably best handled by going to the professional fabricator or a designer.

We will explain why in a bit.

A good business sign serves many purpose. For businesses that depend upon walk-in traffic and consumers, the visibility of business as well as a large part of the trade could depend upon the effectiveness of the business signage. This is the reason why businesses like restaurants and retailers pay special attention to creating attractive and highly visible business signs. It is also one of the reasons why a well-designed business logo is so important.

Once more, the business logo will form and elemental part of the business signage just like it did with your business stationery and your business card.

That is one of the reasons for using a professional designer to design your business logo. 1st of all, while designing the business logo, a professional is in a position to tell you if the same kind of design can be easily implemented on a larger signage and whether it will look just as effective as it does on smaller print like letter heads and business cards. He could also give you valuable advice about the colors to use to make it more effective and attractive.

The next reason to use a professional is because the options available to you when it comes to creating a business sign are many.

You can use elements like both, metal, plastic, neon, fabric and even so many new amalgamated elements that can thoroughly confuse you. As if these choices were not enough, there are various processes by which each element can be made to look different such as using paint, polish, colors etc. you will also need to be informed about the price difference in different materials before you can make a decision of the kind of business signage you want to make. Other options for business signage include a freestanding sign, a wall sign, a projecting sign or a roof sign.

When it comes to making a business sign, you will almost definitely have to approach a business designer or a manufacturer.

A fabricator can help you make your this was signed without having to use the services of the design if you have an exact idea in mind that you can stomach it clearly to the fabricator. However, there could be elemental problems with the design which the manufacturer either may not be in the position to point out to you all simply won’t do it because that is not his job or area of expertise.

You could learn too late that you have made a serious flaw in the design of your business when it comes to putting it up. It is a very good idea to consult the business sign designing professional because he can tell you things like what should be the size of the sign for it to be visible from a certain distance.

A designing professional can also advise you on various other matters such as the zoning regulations governing business signage.

Certain areas have restrictions on the kind of business science that can be put up. For example, certain shopping areas and markets may not allow brightly lit neon signs we put up. You will need clear and concise advice regarding which material to use in making the business sign as well has other factors such as the durability of the signed in your weather conditions.

A good designer will be able to tell when the fabricators are cutting corners and doing sub-quality work. A designer was also probably take the responsibility of implementing his design work with the fabricator so you don’t have to and be present when the sign has to be put up to ensure that the installation goes smoothly.

The cost of making a business sign will depend greatly on what options you choose from. As we have already mentioned, these are plenty.

While many people tried to cut costs in making the business sign by going straight to the manufacture of, we do advise using a professional because it will help you make a better decision in the long run.

Even though you will have to pay designing charges and fees in addition to the fabrication cost, you will be able to get the job done in a more organized managed and have a better guarantee that the business signed that is made will be suitable to your business purpose.

8 Tips For Making Effective Business Stationary

how to design business stationery

  1. Business stationery also has to be designed to create and reflect the image and quality of your business. In a way, the importance of your business stationery and the image that it can raise depends on how much exposure your business gets through doing things like sending promotional letters to existing as well as potential customers, corresponding with other businesses on professional matters, sending out press releases, writing requests and applications on your letterhead etc.
    The stationary of the business also speaks of the image and the business product itself.
  2. The business logo is an elemental part of the stationary. The stationary also contains valid and pertinent information about the business such as business name, personal name, designation, business address, phone and fax number, e-mail and website address.
  3. There are plenty of options to choose from. You have the choice in the kind of people that you use from handmade paper to textured kind. He would also have a choice in the grade of paper that you use which essentially means the smoothness and the thickness of the sheets.
    For someone who is environmentally conscious and wants to reduce the carbon footprint of the business, recycled paper is an extremely good option. Not only is it a greener way to conduct business but also speaks to your consumer and tell them that your business is the socially and environmentally responsible one as well.
    Small things like this can convey that you and your business take your social responsibility seriously as well. You will also have a choice in the color of the paper that you use. Of course, since writing on office stationery is mostly done in colors like blue, black and green, you are bound to use light colored paper such as cream or white.
  4. The same design elements such as the texture of the paper, colorful paper, the font etc. can be implemented in the design of your e-mail. It should also be noted that for many contemporary business, the business stationery that is used for sending out letters, newsletter to customers, promotional letters to clients and other businesses has been widely replaced by the use of the Internet media. Emails are used in stead of mailing letters.
  5. Business stationery, documents, logo, business image needs to complement each other. Your business card should seems like an extension of your business stationery. Both these things should not be starkly different. They should use, and design elements such as the same kind of font and colors. That makes them more identifiable to your business.
  6. Whenever you send out your business stationery, to other businesses, clients or customers, attach a business card as well. These people may not have your business stationery always at hand but can quickly and easily file away a business card for a quick reference to your contact information when required.
  7. The business stationery has the potential to create a strong impression about your business to other people. It can also be a long-lasting impression and a constant reminder if you are sending out repetitive letters and postal mail to the people related to your business.
  8. Do not clutter up your business stationery. Keep it simple and keep it to the point. If the nature of your business demands creativity and even funky designs, go ahead and implement the same.
    But make sure that the essential information and the message of the business is always clear. Make it easy for consumers and clients to respond to your letters, applications and promotional material by keeping your contact information such as your phone number, fax number and e-mail and website address clear.

How To Design A Great Business Card

how to design a business card

Business cards are perhaps the commonest way of exchanging business information. Almost all businesses have a business card. But as you must have noticed, there is a huge difference in the design and quality of business cards. Some people pay more attention to what their business cards series about the business than others. We want to emphasise the importance of a good business card that is cleverly designed and speaks clearly about your business.

The idea of the business card is not just to communicate information about your business in the most basic manner but to also reflect the nature, quality and image of your business.

Since a business card is small in size, expressing all this in a limited space takes a bit of thinking and creativity.

Once you have decided upon your business logo, it is of course going to be an important part of your business card design and element.

It is commonly believed by experts and even us that a business card creates a primary impressions of a business on the consumer.

What your business card says is equally important to the rest of the elements that you put in to designing the image and look of your business.

Just in the manner that you present yourself by dressing up in a certain way and taking care of your grooming and look, a business card represents the same identity for your business.

Once again, as was the case when designing a business logo, going to a professional to design a business card is recommended unless you have a clear and concise idea of what you want your business card to look like.

Even then, you might not be aware of the various options that are available to you in order to create a business card that is just right. For example, there is a lot of options when it comes to choosing the colors, paper type, fonts and even the kind of painting look that you want on a business card. For example, you can either simply print the information on your business card or you can have it embossed.

If you do intend to start out with the basic idea of a business card yourself, you should use your common sense and keep the overall image and integrity of the business in mind.

For example, if your business is up for creative artist, you can use a lot of freedom in the design and the colors you use. On the other hand, if you run a financial consulting service, you probably want your business card to be austere, plain, classy and printed on rich people. You probably also want to use businesslike printing colors such as gray and black or a navy blue.

In order to get started it is fairly simple to come across various business card design ideas on the Internet. In fact you can use the existing business card templates in the software that you already have on your computer such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

You can also visit a printing press who prints business card and he will be able to show you many examples of the work that he has already done. If you see something that you exactly want or with a few minor changes, you could be able to side sweep the entire cost of working with the business card designer.

When designing a business card yourself, keep the following things in mind.

  • Remember that the business logo forms a primary and elemental part of the business card.
  • Keep it simple and to not try to cram too much information on your business card.
  • It should be easy to read, not cluttered and have clean and clear information.
  • Include all pertinent and essential information about your business such as name, business name, personal name, title, address, phone and fax number, e-mail address and website address. These are usually sufficient information to put on a business card.
  • The rest of the impression is created by the designing of the card, colors used, business logo as well as things like the shape of the card and the quality of the paper used.

9 Tips For Designing A Great Business Card

how to design a great business card

These are some of the common options, tips and tricks you can use to design a business card.

  1. Use a four-inch by 7 inch card that looks like a mini brochure. Not only does this allow you to include more information but also get creative with the cards designed by including other elements such as photographs. 

  2. You can also consider the pre-punched business card to fit in a Rolex if your business relies on a lot of phone contact.
  3. You may try out a business card that is shaped differently than a traditional business card. Although these can be more expensive to make, they might have in adequately and clearly reflecting the nature of the business. For example, the kids party planners business card shaped like a balloon or a birthday cake.
  4. Consider your options when it comes to using the kind of paper. 
    There are more options available now than they were sometime back. 
    Everything from textured paper to handmade paper can make a difference to the look of your card. Also, the thickness, and the color of the paper make a huge difference to the overall look and impression of your business card. 
    However, be very careful when choosing colored paper because it can affect the look and impression of the business card drastically. When using colored paper instead of the lighter colored papers such as white and cream, ensure that the readability of the business card is not compromised.
  5. Experiment with different kind of printing. There are techniques such as thermography which creates raised, shiny print and add interest to a business card. Different kinds of rendering of information on the business cards such as embossing and engraving is also possible which creates a very different patient impression.
  6. Do not get too enthusiastic and use a myriad of colors on a business card. Try to keep it simple and stick to 2 to 3 colors maximum.
  7. Always give people more than one business card so they always have extra ones to give to others.
  8. Attach and include your business card in all business correspondence.
  9. When carrying a business card do so in a convenient and smart business card holder so that they are always neat and clean.

Maintaining the Exterior Surroundings of Office Space

maintaining office exterior

Just like you are going to take care of the way the interior of your office and working space looks, the exterior may be just as important to create the right impression on the consumer as well as to boost the morale of employees. Make sure that the exterior of your office area is free of things like weeds, trash, broken sidewalks, tattered awnings, dirty windows, deck plans, overflowing trash bins section. All the signs of disrepair may give customers the impression that your business is not a very responsible one.

Walk out of your office and take a careful look at the areas that surround the office. If your office is located in your home, try and ensure that the entry and exit that your employees and your customers will be using is clean, and if need be, read and to reflect the business and. Take a close look at the parking lot, sidewalks, Windows, outside lighting and landscaping as well as the condition of the building itself. Usually there is nothing that I could paint job, and a thorough cleaning procedure will not improve tremendously.

Just by having an attractive exterior can boost your business and feeling of wellness in both your employees and your consumers. Make sure that it is attractive and appealing to not only the customers but to you and your employees as well.