8 Tips For Making Effective Business Stationary

how to design business stationery

  1. Business stationery also has to be designed to create and reflect the image and quality of your business. In a way, the importance of your business stationery and the image that it can raise depends on how much exposure your business gets through doing things like sending promotional letters to existing as well as potential customers, corresponding with other businesses on professional matters, sending out press releases, writing requests and applications on your letterhead etc.
    The stationary of the business also speaks of the image and the business product itself.
  2. The business logo is an elemental part of the stationary. The stationary also contains valid and pertinent information about the business such as business name, personal name, designation, business address, phone and fax number, e-mail and website address.
  3. There are plenty of options to choose from. You have the choice in the kind of people that you use from handmade paper to textured kind. He would also have a choice in the grade of paper that you use which essentially means the smoothness and the thickness of the sheets.
    For someone who is environmentally conscious and wants to reduce the carbon footprint of the business, recycled paper is an extremely good option. Not only is it a greener way to conduct business but also speaks to your consumer and tell them that your business is the socially and environmentally responsible one as well.
    Small things like this can convey that you and your business take your social responsibility seriously as well. You will also have a choice in the color of the paper that you use. Of course, since writing on office stationery is mostly done in colors like blue, black and green, you are bound to use light colored paper such as cream or white.
  4. The same design elements such as the texture of the paper, colorful paper, the font etc. can be implemented in the design of your e-mail. It should also be noted that for many contemporary business, the business stationery that is used for sending out letters, newsletter to customers, promotional letters to clients and other businesses has been widely replaced by the use of the Internet media. Emails are used in stead of mailing letters.
  5. Business stationery, documents, logo, business image needs to complement each other. Your business card should seems like an extension of your business stationery. Both these things should not be starkly different. They should use, and design elements such as the same kind of font and colors. That makes them more identifiable to your business.
  6. Whenever you send out your business stationery, to other businesses, clients or customers, attach a business card as well. These people may not have your business stationery always at hand but can quickly and easily file away a business card for a quick reference to your contact information when required.
  7. The business stationery has the potential to create a strong impression about your business to other people. It can also be a long-lasting impression and a constant reminder if you are sending out repetitive letters and postal mail to the people related to your business.
  8. Do not clutter up your business stationery. Keep it simple and keep it to the point. If the nature of your business demands creativity and even funky designs, go ahead and implement the same.
    But make sure that the essential information and the message of the business is always clear. Make it easy for consumers and clients to respond to your letters, applications and promotional material by keeping your contact information such as your phone number, fax number and e-mail and website address clear.

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